Calendar of Activities 2009

  • [13/06] Wendy - ?
  • [06/06] Phyllis - ?
  • [30/05] SHG ANNUAL JUNE CAMP 2009
  • [23/05] Jason - (Communication)
  • [16/05] Sharon - (Culture and Values)
  • [02/05] ? - ?
  • [25/04] Tracy - (Culture and Values)
  • [18/04] Sharon - (Culture and Values)
  • [11/04] Yiting - Team-building Games
  • [04/04] Shee Hian - Animal Fun
  • [28/03] Jason - Magic Tricks
  • [21/03] Jie Hao - Malay Culture
  • [14/03] Jie Hao - Mosque Visit
  • [07/03] Siliang - Chinese Culture
  • [28/02] Cindy - Team Communication
  • [21/02] Rong Hui - Balloon Sculpturing
  • [14/02] Jason - Orientation

Saturday, June 6, 2009


乌云密布 似乎随时落雨
风 不经意的吹
随性地 任意地 捉摸不定

风筝 挣脱了包装袋
简单的支架 肩负着绚丽 仍然轻盈
欲望着 展翅后的翱翔

线 似乎有些羁绊
自由 不是毫无条件的

需技巧 也需合作
但 还是免不了


终于 突围了
才发现 高处的风稳稳当当
才晓得 天空如此浩翰无边

或坚守 或动摇 或放弃
或束缚 或放手一博

Marina Barrage on 23rd May was fun.
Kite-flying was a first for many kids and even some volunteers too.
And it is interesting watching the kids fly kites. It reveals characters.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Expectantly arrived. Tanjong Katong Sec. Custard puffs. Favourite kid sick. Absent! Sad. Sigh! Pacific Ocean. Six girls and a boy. Imbalance! Tried, but cannot change. Listless... Stuck like glue. Intimidated? Grow up! Ice-breakers. Too small a group. Flag. Slow start. Easy cheer. N-S-E-W. What yan-tau or chio-bu? Loud cheer! Lunch : ( First station. Where IS the station? Station masters late. Waited. Loud percussion. Waited. Unclear rules. Timing? Station X. Matching signs. Street smart kids. Station Y. Can't remember. Station Z. Acting down the line. Merlion! Well-organized station. Captain's ball. Control! Control tempers. Cramps. Lost. It's just a game... Discuss skit. Any ideas? Pawns. Next station. Activity vs Passivity. Kids should think! Throw shoes. And water bottles. Sigh! Purpose? Spider web. Humph! Passivity. TK Sec Band. Unwavering and proud. Dinner. Campfire. Skits. Muffled. Best efforts. Disengaged. Puppets. Twelve teams. Drag. Sing songs. C'mon! Perk up! Disengaged. Highlight? There is no such thing as Southern Ocean! Scavenger hunt. Scratch head. Sigh! Fire died literally. Shower and supper. Sleep. No debrief. Sleep. A guy aspiring to be a witch. Geylang supper. Sleep. Sentry duty. Breakfast. Tired. Man station. Africa got Diamond. First try! Heartache for others. Win lose or draw. Results. Dispirited group. Don't know why. Felt sorry. Uninspiring. Cold photo. Disconnected. Don't know why. Discontented. Me and my expectations...

Aiya. So negative hor. Sorry, just some poetic license to exaggerate.Someone please blog something positive. I'm sure someone must have had fun! And the photos... : )

Monday, February 2, 2009

Greetings from Down Under...

hmm....this blog has died. haha:) no one updates anymore. maybe be'coz SHG has stopped for a while.

i am just so excited that the new year is starting and a new batch is coming in. *haiz* i may not see them graduate this time round, but i just can't wait to see you guys all again. 

maybe getting a bit nostalgic as i spend my last few weeks here in Melbourne missing the food, the people, the wonderful things in Singapore. i just wanna say Thank you guys for being such great friends and company for the last 2 years. hee:) a bit cliché but who cares?! hee:) it's just so me!

the last few days in Melbourne has been dreadfully hot at the temperature of 44˚C. To make matter worse, where i was staying has NO air-conditioning. PHEW! all i could do was to coop myself at home and watched TV (i'm glad that i have Foxtel, Melbourne's cable TV to entertain for the last few days. )

the weather has changed now; much cooler that i have to turn on the heater at night to keep myself warm and not freeze to death. how am i suppose to live in such drastic climate changes in the future?! I seriously starting to RECONSIDER my choice of coming back here in July. 

well, whatever it is, i am coming home soon. maybe i get to enjoy some last moments of CNY when i am touch down. Looking forward to meet you guys on Valentine's Day. Are we going out after that?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spring Cleaning?

To all,

Please let me know your availability on the first Saturday in January 2009, (Which is the 3rd. thanks for the correction..haha..) for Spring Cleaning of the Volunteers' Room.

Also, please start coming up with activities for 2009.

Sorry for not being able to come up with any outings or gatherings for this month.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are you Ready For School?

The below is an e-mail from HQ.

Anyone interested? Can send me your details so I can help collate if you guys want to do it together at the same date and place...

Let me know your opinion.

Dear Volunteers,

CDAC will be organising its annual “Ready for School” Project this year on two days at three locations:

20 Dec 08 (Sat) - 3pm-7pm at CDAC @ Bukit Panjang, Blk 270 Bangkit Road, #01-22 (~15 volunteers required)

21 Dec 08 (Sun) – 10am-3pm at CDAC Building, 65 Tanjong Katong Road (~150 volunteers required)

21 Dec 08 (Sun) - 1pm-5pm at, 381 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 (next to Braddell MRT) (~100 volunteers required)

We will be inviting less-privileged students and families under CDAC’s various assistance schemes to participate in the event. We are expecting about 3,000 families to attend the event this year.

For this year’s event, we will be giving out one family pack to each of the participating families. We hope that our assistance will help to lighten the financial load of these families. In addition, free haircut service for students, free health screening for parents, various workshops and family-bonding activities will be organised for the families to have a fun-filled day together.

In order for the event to be a success, we will need your support in the following areas (your duties may include any of the following):

- registration & administrative work

- packing & distribution of family packs & school-ready packs

- usher & crowd control

- workshop assistants

- food/drinks/games stall helpers

- stage helpers

- others

For your info, you will be required to attend a Volunteers Briefing before the event.

If you are keen to Volunteer your service for the “Ready for School” Project, pls provide me with your particulars as follows:

Full Name:




Contact No.:



Location (in order of preference, 1 for the most preferred and 3 for the least preferred):

( ) CDAC @ Bukit Panjang, 20 Dec 08, 3pm-7pm

( ) CDAC Building, 21 Dec 08, 10am-3pm

( ), 21 Dec 08, 1pm-5pm

T-shirt Size:

XXS (34) / XS (36) / S (38) / M (40) / L (42) / XL (44) / XXL (46)

Volunteers Briefing (pls tick one):

( ) 13 Dec 08 (Sat), 10am-12pm at CDAC Building OR

( ) 17 Dec 08 (Wed), 7.30pm-9.30pm at CDAC Building

Have you volunteered for other CDAC projects before?

Yes (pls state name of projects) / No